Business Credit Program

Unsecured Hybrid Business Funding Program


* Personal Guarantor

* Business owner or Guarantor with at least a 685 personal credit score

* Business owner without bankruptcy, liens, judgments, or late payments

* Less than 3 inquiries in the past 6 months

* Lender prefers established business credit (over 3/4 years old - primary accounts)

* Less than 30% balance on all business and personal credit cards

* Established personal credit report (over 3/4 years old accounts)

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* Approval amount is typically 4 to 5 X the largest credit card limit on the personal credit report

* Many credit cards offer a promotional 0% interest rate for 6 months 1 year

* 5-29%

* 9.9% success fee

With this information, I can have one of our funding team members reach out and go over more details on this program and its functions!

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